Garden fairy in garden setting

The Enchanted Gardener

Mugo Pine shrub in garden

I'll help you design your gardens and help you to choose flowers, shrubs and trees that will improve the curb appeal of your home, as well as create beautiful outdoor rooms within your yard.

Bee collecting pollen on a Purple Coneflower

It is my goal to create pollinator, bird and wildlife-friendly garden spaces, one home at a time. With bees under attack from pesticides, habitat loss and climate change, every step we take to increase their presence helps.

Sprinkler head of micro-sprinkler system spraying water in garden.

I also design and install micro-sprinkler systems, thereby reducing water usage, and the time you'll spend watering your gardens, freeing you up to do more important things in life.

Serving North Tonawanda & surrounding areas.

Karen Hance

North Tonawanda, NY 14120


Map of North Tonawanda and surrounding areas.