About Me...

I am a current Horticulture student at Niagara County Community College. I have loved gardening and making my yard beautiful for as long as I can remember.

Being out in the garden and playing in the dirt is my peaceful place. Listening to the birds sing, feeling the sun on my back and beautifying my yard with flowers and trees is how I re-center my soul. Being out in nature and in my gardens is how I become one with the universe.

I want to help homeowners beautify their yards and create outdoor rooms within their property. Due to the overuse of harmful pesticides and climate change, we have lost bees and other pollinators at record rates. I encourage you to plant flowers, shrubs and trees that will attract these beneficial insects, as well as butterflies, to your yard and restore nature's order.

I would note that I am looking to work with home owners or businesses having small sized yards. I can help you decide which plants to choose and where to place them, as well as perform regular maintenance, weeding, plantings of flowers, shrubs, bulbs and small trees and vegetable gardens. I can install small water features, raised garden beds and natural walkways and micro-sprinkler systems. I do not at this time intend to get into hardscapes or lawn mowing.